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    Chair Mount -EURUS TYPE-

    Over the Patient Cart

    Traditional over the patient type unit offers versatile, balancedand precise delivery systems providing total working comfort between the 9 and 1 o'clock positions.
    The improved comfort of EURUS chair is an ideal base on which to build your dental system.

    Shown as
    -Unit : CLESTA II
    -Light : EURUS LIGHT

    Chair Mount -original-

    Over the Patient

    Over-patient versatility for comfortable single- and
    four-handed working positions.
    Ergonomic and hygienic features are standard on all CLESTA
    II treatment centres.

    Shown as
    -Unit : CLESTA II
    -Chair : CLESTA II CHAIR
    -Light : 900 LED LIGHT

    Chair Mount -original-


    The split cart type, with a steel formed height-adjustable ‘U’
    frame, offers space-saving qualities and additional flexibility.

    4.5m or 6m cart hose available as an optional extra.

    Shown as
    -Unit : CLESTA II
    -Chair : CLESTA II CHAIR

    Pedestal -CLAIR- (Non-CE)

    Over the Patient Cart

    Pedestal type cuspidor unit has no umbilical; this eliminates
    the need for a utility box, contributing to a tidier appearance
    and easier cleaning.

    Shown as
    -Unit : CLESTA II
    -Chair : CLAIR CHAIR

    Smooth and Contoured - Provides Patient’s Comfort

    Chair Mount -EURUS TYPE-

    Unique low patient entry seat position along with a 200 kg patient lifting capability is one of the most versatile chairs in the market place.

    Double articulating headrest

    The precise positioning of the headrest can be set in 7.5 degree increments accommodating a wide range of patient types.

    Rotating armrest

    The armrests are designed with a length and shape that makes it easy for patients to hold and the side-rotating mechanism helps elderly patients entry and exit the chair with ease.

    Chair stick switch

    The dental chair can be entirely manipulated in a hands-free, hygienic and intuitive manner using only the operator's foot ( patent pending ).

    Chair Mount -Original-

    Adjustable chair positioning

    A wider range of movements offers a practical working environment that meets all the operators’ requirements.

    Axis backrest

    Synchronized axis backrest ensures optimum patient comfort at all times.
    Ultra slim backrest for ease of access for both operator and assistant.

    Durable diecast base

    The sleek styling of the durable aluminum diecast base offers the dentist improved access with maximum chair stability.

    Service centre

    The built in service centre eliminates the use of external umbilical hoses.

    Pedestal -CLAIR-


    Axis backrest

    The ergonomic, axis mechanism backrest supports the
    patient comfortably and accommodates the natural
    movements of the patient’ s body.

    Folding legrest chair

    Slim, yet comfortable backrest and chair enable easy access to the patients.


    Swing-out armrest allows the elderly, handicapped, and wheelchair patients to enter and exit the chair safely and with ease.

    Chair stick switch

    The stick switches enable the operator to position the patient quickly and accurately, keeping hands-free and clean.

    Intuitive Control - Technology You Can Rely on

    E TypeElectric Type Control Panel

    A Type Air Type Control Panel

    Membrace switches for chair controls and other necessary functions are clearly situated on the control panel of the operator's table.

    1 Chair Auto Mode Switches
    2 Chair Manual Control Switches
    3 Bowl Flush Switch
    4 Cupfiller Switch


    Integrated cuspidor

    The highly durable integrated cuspidor creates
    an attractive, aseptic environment for the
    patient and the smooth surface makes it easy
    to clean. Detachable glass bowl is durable,
    transparent and easy to clean.

    Operator’ s table

    Incorporating holder type instrumentation
    with “first priority system” (available for
    E-type only), the operator’ s table is
    adjustable both vertically and horizontally
    to give optimal positioning.

    Assistant's console

    The assistant's console includes 3-way syringe, vacuum and saliva ejector tubings, and easy clean membrane switches to control chair movements,cuspidor bowl flush and cupfiller.

    Foot control

    A2(control of air instruments, water on/off and chip air) for A type. SE(control of air instruments, water on/off, chip air and control of electric motor/scaler) for E type. Foot controller with handle is available as an option.

    Instrument Delivery



    E type




    - Sensor activation
    - Stepless intensity : 5,000 lx ~ 34,000 lx
    - Reproducing natural light with a high functional color rendering capacity

    900 LED LIGHT

    - Sensor activation
    - Steppless intensity : 4,000 lx ~ 35,502 lx
    - Fluid three axis rotation and clear light pattern with high color rendering

    300 LED LIGHT

    - Sensor activation
    - Steppless intensity : 3,100 lx ~ 28,000 lx
    - Three axis rotation and clear light pattern

    Color Variations


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