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  • Cristal Clear Digital or Film Diagnostic Images Plain and Simple

    Belray-II 097 AC X-ray delivers reproducible high contrast periapical radiographs with simple operations, intuitive controls for exposure parameter settings.
    Compatible with digital imaging systems and pre-programmed timer is selectable 16 speeds (d.00-d.15) for digital imaging.


    *Crisp digital or film radiographic imaging
    *Easy to use, intuitive controls
    *Digital imaging switch
    *Compact control module
    *Control module can be mounted on central power console or on a wall
    *70 kVp tube potential
    *Selectable tube current :4 mA , 7mA
    *Small 0.7mm focal spot for detailed images


    Wide type

    Small type

    Available with wide or small mounting plate for WK Type, wide mounting plate comes with side covers.
    Control module can be installed on wall or on the central power console.

    Design for tube head, Easy grip and positioning

    Installation Variations

    BELRAYII 097 X-RAY can mounted in five different variations including wall, ceiling, room, mobile, floor and enables the installation corresponding to the hospital or clinic.

    WK Type

    CK Type

    FM Type

    FK1 Type

    RK Type

    Specifications & Options



    • Length of Horizontal arm for WK Type
      Available with 300mm, 500mm, 650mm, 800mm and 1000mm horizontal arm length.(Standard 800mm)

    • Length of celling pole for CK & CKL Type
      Available with 520mm ~ 1350mm celling pole length

    • Light mounting arm for Belmont dental light

    • Hand exposure switch (Standard for FK1 and FM Type)

    • Long cone (Source to skin distance 305mm)

    • Rectangular collimator

    Hand exposure switch

    Long cone

    Rectangular collimator


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