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    An Intelligent Delivery Solution

    Control and discretion are the finest traits of the tbCompass delivery system.
    An intelligent delivery solution which seeks to conceal the instruments from Patientview without comprising working comfort.
    Designed for uninterrupted dentistry in the most demanding surgery environments, tbCompass is pointing to the future.

    Operator console key features

    - 4 programmable Operator settings
    - Digital display
    - First-priority handpiece selection
    - Digital timer
    - Preset micro-motor
    - Torque control with Auto-Reverse
    - 2 fibre-optic Turbine hoses

    60 Second Changeover

    60 second changeover from left- to right-side delivery, or vice versa requires no tools or expertise.
    The simple procedure results in identical conditions for left- and right-handed Operators.

    Rear cover is easily removed/replaced without tools or expertise

    Increased Surgery Efficiency & Patient Access

    Correct Ergonomics and Smooth Movements

    Simulataneous preparation and consultationsaves valuable working time between every Patient.The uniquely perfect clean and preparation arrangement to the rear of the chair also improves lines of communication between Operator and Assistant.

    Comfortable single- and four-handed working positions with excellent versatility of the Operator’ s and Assistant’ s consoles.


    900 LED LIGHT

    The 900 LED light provides sensor
    activation, steppless intensity between 4,000 lx and 35,500 lx, fluid three axis rotation and clear light pattern with high color rendering.


    tbCOMPASS’s determined versatility bring all the benefits of convenience, flexibility, efficiency and patient comfort.
    Belmont’s base-mounted delivery system design is an understated advance- ment in dentistry and patient care.

    tbCompass ‘Surgery System’(Ambidextrous)

    tbCompass ‘Flexible Dr System’ (Ambidextrous)

    chair and Operator’s console

    tbCompass ‘Flexible Cuspidor System’ (Ambidextrous)

    chair and cuspidor with Assistant’s console

    Color Variations

    Leather Color

    The colors come four themes: warm, cool, earth and vitamin. Any choices from these leather colors should match the interior appointments of your clinic.


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