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    Holder Type

    Instrument Holders of Universal Size for Easy Handling

    The instrument holders are designed to stably hold different sizes of instruments.


    Keep Everything within Arm’s Reach

    The large and spacious tray section has a curved shape that allows you to reach everything with minimal effort.


    Chair Control Panel

    LP: Rinsing position and last position
    0: Initial position
    1: Programmed position 1
    2: Programmed position 2

    Rod Type (Continental Type)

    Minimize Fatigue

    The rods that hold the handpiece tubing maintain optimal tension to support the tubing during dental procedures. Little effort is required to put the instruments back in the tray. The rods have a smooth surface that is easy to clean.


    Tray Holder

    Note: Trays are not included.

    Chair Control Panel

    LP: Rinsing position and last position
    0: Initial position
    1: Programmed position 1
    2: Programmed position 2

    Cuspidor & Assistant Instruments

    Easy to Maintain

    The porcelain cuspidor bowl is detachable and easy to clean. Switches to activate cup filling are easily accessible, both for the patient and the assistant

    Assistant Instruments

    Instruments that assistants can use including a three-way syringe, an HVE, and a saliva ejector with adjustable flow control.
    A water service outlet with flow control and a toggle switch for flushing the bowl are located on the front panel.

    Clean water system with cover


    Clinical Flexibility

    Right or Left-Handed

    The dentist's section is symmetrically designed and the cuspidor body supports installation for left-handed dentists.

    Two-Handed or Four-Handed

    A flexible arm enables the assistant’s instruments to be positioned conveniently for either two- or four-handed dental work.


    Various Treatment Positions

    With a wide range of movement, this chair supports a practical working environment that meets all the operator’s requirements.

    Flexible and Comfortable Positioning

    This model features a twin-axis headrest with an elongated post to accommodate taller patients. The flexibility of this dual-articulating system means that the chair can be set up to provide a comfortable seating position for a wide range of patients. It can even be set up backwards for patients in wheelchairs.

    Smooth Motion and Heavy Lifting Capability

    The chair’s high-quality electro-hydraulic system provides smooth motion while handling patients weighing up to 200 kg.
    The can be located up to 800 mm in front of the chair.

    Patient Comfort

    The ergonomic reclining backrest supports the patient in comfort and accommodates natural body movements.

    Hands-Free Operation

    Hands-free manual chair movement is made possible by a fast-responding foot switch located at the base of the machine. This design eliminates the need for wired foot switches, thereby reducing clutter at the operator’s feet and making it easier to clean around the machine.

    Easy Entry

    Right and left armrests come standard. The swivel armrest helps easy entry of the patients.

    Quality & Precision

    Quality Comes from Within

    Takara Belmont’s meticulous engineering is the culmination of over 50 years of research and development. Using these production methods in partnership with high-quality hydraulic cylinders provides the ultimate patient experience. The gentle, gliding movement of the G1 ensures the patient remains comfortable as the chair changes position smoothly and silently.

    Superior durability comes from induction hardening of the cylinder’s ram shaft.

    Aluminum die-casting means highly accurate, streamlined parts with no wasted material.


    Increasing Patient Expectations Requires Evolving Precision

    The dentist can rely on Takara Belmont equipment to maintain the highest levels of performance and precision, even after many years of use.
    Our products are finished in a micron powder coating that is strong and scratchproof and that also provides excellent chemical resistance.

    Inspection with a color difference meter ensures color consistency across all parts and products.

    Large cutting machinery gives high consistency and accuracy for all parts.

    Comfort, Durability & Accuracy

    Comfort for Both Dentist and Patient

    Versatility of movement for the dentist and comfort for the patient are priorities in every practice. Our equipment is put through extensive ergonomic testing to ensure these priorities are facilitated to the highest standard possible.

    To achieve stable movement of the chair, an accelerometer is used to closely check warping of the unit during operation.


    The seat of the dental chair undergoes up to 100,000 repetitions of impact testing to ensure it meets the highest standards of durability.

    Since the 1980s, Takara Belmont’s research into ergonomics has constantly improved the shape and movement of the backrest mechanism.


    Dependable and Durable

    Durability testing is vital to the development of our equipment.
    Valves undergo up to one million repetitions of testing before they are deemed up to Takara Belmont standards.

    All valves undergo 1 million repetitions of durability testing.


    Crisp, Sharp Lighting for Defined Dental Care

    Lighting allows a clear view inside the patient’s mouth. Besides focusing a ray of light on specific points, the lighting mechanism employs high-quality, made-in-Japan LEDs for stable illumination. The result is crisp, sharp lighting that guarantees accurate dental care and patient safety and peace-of-mind.

    High-quality LEDs provide stable illumination with up to 20,000 hours* of service life.
    * Time until lighting intensity drops below 70%.


    Touchless Activation

    Light operation function is activated by a touchless sensor, so it is unnecessary to look away from patients. ON/OFF and Composite Safe Mode activation is done without operators ever contacting the light.

    Easy on the Eyes - For Dentists and Patients Alike

    LED operatory lights have been engineered to minimize operator eye fatigue and to prevent light from shining directly into the patient’s eyes.
    The brightest light is directed into the oral cavity and becomes gradually less bright across the patient’s cheek area.

    Positioning Flexibility

    The light head may be rotated around 3 axes, for maximum positioning flexibility.
    Operators can effortlessly direct illumination where it is needed using one hand.

    The Exact Brightness You Need

    Each operatory has different ambient light conditions. With this in mind, LED lights include a stepless intensity control to adjust brightness to suit the actual operatory lighting conditions.
    LED output can be adjusted between 3,100 lx and 28,000 lx, while maintaining the 5,000 K color temperature that is ideal for tooth shade matching.


    Color Variations

    Operator’s Stool

    This stool, which features a backrest with an adjustable angle, can be set up at any height from 473 mm to 623 mm.



  • Configurator - build your dental unit

    Leather color


    Mint Blue/ES5


    Yellow Green/ES18

    Aldo Blue/ES23

    Scarlet Red/ES24



    Light Gray/ES33


    Model Name : CREDIA G1


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