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    EURUS LIGHT—the next-generation LED lighting fixture (conforming to ISO9680), capable of giving off light with variable intensity from 5,000 to 34,000 luxes, reproduces natural light with a high functional color rendering capacity.
    With the touchless sensor, the light can be turned on and off and the composite mode can be adjusted.

    Stay clean

    The lens cover can be removed with a single lever action for easy cleaning.

    Flexible Lighting

    The Belmont spring arm allows the light to be moved around and stay exactly where it is desired so that the dentist/dental assistant can start treatment without delay. The arm covers a wide area, including the maxillary and mandibular areas of the patient, for sufficient illumination.

    Installation Variations

    AL-D109W Unit Mount

    AL-D101W Post Mount

    AL-D102W Ceiling Mount

    AL-D105W Track Mount

    Specifications & Options

    Patient mirror


    Unit : mm
    Tolerance in dimensions : ±10%

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