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    Products of Belmont’s Legendary Technology

    The Belmont Hydraulic System moves the base and back to provide a soft landing for the patient.
    The 400mm stroke together with 3 preset positions operated by the foot control gives simple and accurate patient positioning. Easily cleanable seamless upholstery using the new 'loft-touch' materiel.

    The safety plate under the main link inactivates all chair functions to prevent an object on the base from being injured or damaged.
    During automatic procedure, depressing any switch on foot control will cancel the automatic movement immediately.

    The design and movement of the backrest mechanism simulates the natural body movement of the patient. Simple chair rotation (optional) facilitates X-Ray examinations. Rotation (60 degrees) is locked and released by a lever.

    Double articulating headrest easily adjustable for improved patient positioning, suitable for both adult and child.
    Swing out armrest allows easy entry and exit. Right armrest and double articulating headrest are optional.

    Color Variations

    Leather Color


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