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    Belmont Binocular Loupes

    - Offering clear image and deep visual field of the depth of focus
    - Contributes to improve performance
    - Reduces eye fatigue
    - Provides a solution to work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs)


    Exceptional Fit and Durability

    The NEO frame offers both flexibility and toughness, combined with an exceptional fit.
    Developed as a specialized frame for binocular loupes, the high durability withstands the severe condition of use in the dental/medical field.

    torsion test

    Lightweight, Less Fatigue

    Specifically, selected materials of the NEO frame contribute to the reduction in weight.
    The frame fits comfortably at three positions: forehead, nose and strap.
    The equally distributed weight through the lightweight frame enables the loupes to be worn for long periods without fatigue.

    Clear View, Ergonomic Comfort

    Belmont loupes provide bright views and 3D images based on state-of-the-art optical technology.
    Doctors can adjust the focus easily by turning the lens-barrel in relation with the working distance.
    Belmont lightweight flip-up loupes offer less fatigue for long time use and enable doctors to wear their prescription eyeglasses together with the loupes.

    Made in Japan Quality

    The high quality loupes are designed and manufactured in Nagano, Japan.

    Nose Pad

    Equipped with a Nose Pad Eyeglasses that is designed to avoid contact with the nose pad on your prescription eyeglasses when worn together.
    When eyeglasses are not worn, replace the nose pad for the Nose Pad NEO for a more secure fit.

    Loupe types


    Loupe with NEO Frame, Shield, Strap with Strap Holder Rings, Cushion Tube, Nose Pad Eyeglasses, Nose Pad NEO, Lens Cloth, Phillips-head Screwdriver × 2, Carrying Case

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