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    Easy on the Eyes - For Dentists and Patients Alike

    Belmont 300 LED operatory lights have been engineered to minimize operator eye fatigue and to prevent light from shining directly into thepatientfs eyes.The brightest light is directed intothe oral cavity and becomes gradually less bright across the patientfs cheek area.

    Positioning Flexibility

    The light head may be rotated@around 3 axes, for maximum positioning flexibility.Operators can effortlessly direct illumination where it is needed using one hand.

    The Exact Brightness You Need

    Each operatory has different ambient light conditions. With this in mind, 300 LED lights include a stepless intensity control to adjust brightness to suit the actual operatory lighting conditions. LED output can be adjusted between 3,100 lx and 28,000 lx, while maintaining the 5,000K color temperature that is ideal for tooth shade matching.

    Correct Color

    Belmont 300 LED operatory lights deliver cool, white light to the patient oral cavity, for correct tooth shade matching and for the differentiation of soft tissue structure.

    Shadowless Illumination

    The unique five-LED array produces a well-defined 85 mm x 155 mm rectangular light pattern. This pattern of illumination remains unaffectedeven with the half of the light head output obstructed.

    Touchless Activation

    Light operation is activated by a touchless sensor, so it is unnecessary to look away from patients. ON/OFF and Composite Safe Mode activation are done without operators ever contacting the light.

    Long Life

    With LED bulb life expectancy in excess of 20,000 hours, it is likely that replacement will never be needed

    Economical Operation and Patient Comfort

    Low power consumption translates into long term operational cost savings and since no heat is generated, patients will feel more comfortable

    Installation Variations

    Type 320 Unit Mount

    Type 301 Post Mount

    Type 302 Celling Mount

    Type 305 Track Mount



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